50 – the broken little green-white heart

Sure, I’ve always been very public about being a full-on Liverpool FC supporter.
But this post is not about that. Not now.

Few might know how I’ve always had a soft spot for Bundesliga. Especially, SV Werder Bremen at that. How did I come to fall in love with them? Bog knows. I swear I can’t even remember exactly when, but that last UEFA Cup final in 2009 really caught my head.

And to be honest, I’ve kind of seen it coming for a while now, looking at their form these past few seasons. It’s been tough, no lie.

But this still hurt to read.

As much as I’m laughing over this (you have to admit, this is hysterical), this sort of thing just.. happens. I mean, it is Bundesliga after all, and this is the random fuckery that just somehow surfaces every now and then. And again, it’s no surprise Werder gets shitfanned this time. But come on, this is still upsetting. I know I haven’t been the biggest fan and all, but I’m sad.

So.. yeah.. next season in 2. Bundesliga. Guess it’s gonna be fun for me trying to find a stream and to follow them closely in their comeback to the 1. Bundesliga. And if anything, I trust that this will only make me love the club even more.

Lebenslang Grünweiß and all that shit, yo.