51 – the abrupt stop

This kind of post has probably gone way too common these past few weeks, if not months.
But Goddamnit, this is my blog, and I need to get this written somewhere.

I lost one of my best friends last Saturday. And knowing me, I absolutely don’t throw around terms like “best friend” easily. Not at all. And I just lost one.

If I can be selfish for a bit, it hurts to lose someone that has been your rock for nearly 20 years now. Someone who just totally understands you and accepts you for what you do and who you are, despite being your absolute, total opposite.

But this is not about me.

What hurts even more is that this time should have been a happy moment. Childbirth should be a celebration (A new family member, new hope and all, of course. Not so much the actual process, I’m afraid). Instead, a baby had to be born before coming full term, not getting proper care at the hospital because it’s simply too dangerous to stay there, and worst of all, not being able to have her mum for the rest of her hurriedly-started life. The family had to lose their only daughter. A husband, still shy of one year of blissed married life, had to lose his wife. The whole family having to let her parents be unaware of her passing, for fear of having their own health declining from shock, since they are fighting for their own lives in another hospital.

And I can’t even help in the least bit.

This is just not fair.

This bloody pandemic, I swear..

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