9 – Day 3 – the cursed habits

Day 3 : What are your top three pet peeves?

Bad breath

The biggest turn-off for me, by far. And trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of this kind of people.

You get those situations where someone looks so freaking delicious, yet everything just falls apart due to the foul smell as soon as they open their mouth? Exactly that. Nicotine, I can handle. Hell, I’ll even tolerate the smell of beer. But seriously, bad breath is just a total killer.

Big talkers

I may not be the lawyer who gets involved in court cases and such, but I do know how to notice bluffers.

And while I do understand (and partly agree) that there are instances in which you need to fluff yourself up, some people just can’t draw the line and end up going way overboard. As soon as they cross that line, that’s where my interests stop with them. Full stop.

Leaving the toilet seat up

This one might be a bit random, but seriously. You cannot get more evil than this. Whoever does this, I hope you get a case of an explosive bowel movement in the middle of the night, wake up having to dash to the bathroom right away and plant your butt smack bang in the sploshing cold water, thanks to the toilet seat being left up.

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