3 – the nostalgia that hits hard


So maybe I miss living there. Being there.

I know it’s a completely different scheme without school and all, but still. If I’m gonna be miserable anyway, I’d rather be miserable there than here. I know the people are so wildly different from way back then, but maybe that would be even better? I dunno.

Yet another one on the list of things everyone else gets by with so easily but not the case for me.

Singapore, you are the big lump in the throat that I can never get over.


2 – the Saturday brunch bunch

imageSo glad I found myself in the company of these amazing people during my stint in Singapore, and what’s more is that we still keep in touch these days.

When progressivity is deemed a thing of evil here, being with them always feels like a tiny safe haven amidst all the nonsense going on.