in defense of being verbose

9 – Day 3 – the cursed habits


Day 3 : What are your top three pet peeves?

Bad breath

The biggest turn-off for me, by far. And trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of this kind of people.

You get those situations where someone looks so freaking delicious, yet everything just falls apart due to the foul smell as soon as they open their mouth? Exactly that. Nicotine, I can handle. Hell, I’ll even tolerate the smell of beer. But seriously, bad breath is just a total killer.

Big talkers

I may not be the lawyer who gets involved in court cases and such, but I do know how to notice bluffers.

And while I do understand (and partly agree) that there are instances in which you need to fluff yourself up, some people just can’t draw the line and end up going way overboard. As soon as they cross that line, that’s where my interests stop with them. Full stop.

Leaving the toilet seat up

This one might be a bit random, but seriously. You cannot get more evil than this. Whoever does this, I hope you get a case of an explosive bowel movement in the middle of the night, wake up having to dash to the bathroom right away and plant your butt smack bang in the sploshing cold water, thanks to the toilet seat being left up.

8 – Day 2 – the happy grump


Day 2 : Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

“Why do you always look like you have a problem?”

It’s one thing to have people think you are depressed, it’s a completely different thing to have people tell you that you look scary/intimidating (And yes, I’ve received these comments multiple times by now). And to be quite honest, I really don’t understand why I keep getting this remark every now and then.

I’m not saying I’m as zen as Buddha or I am at utmost peace with the whole world, but I don’t have that big of a bone to pick either. Are you kidding me, I don’t even think of anything most of the time. Put it this way: whenever you see me walking somewhere all by myself, the biggest chance is that you’ll find me with earphones plugged in. And whenever it happens, you can bet that I’m not thinking of anything. And thanks to my super terrible eyesight, I won’t be able to judge what people are doing/looking like because hey, I can’t see that well anyway! Why would I want to pick a fight with anyone?

I’m 4′ 10″, I don’t quite look my age, and you are telling me I look like I’m about to smash/hit/punch you? Really?

7 – Day 1 – the upward curve that everyone loves


Day 1 – List 10 things that make you really happy

Good music

You know how much of a music geek I am. And as frustrating as it sounds, I can never settle on a specific “favourite” genre. I’ll most likely listen to anything, and it’s always as simple as I like it or I don’t. And isn’t it always such a happy moment when you discover something that you never knew you’d like?

Book bargains

Maybe the kiasu-ness has rubbed off on me fully on this part, but come on. Bookstores in Indonesia tend to get a bit much when it comes to book pricing. And I need to make sure I get a proper bang for my buck.

Room scents

..I know, maybe you’re thinking how does this fare way this high on this list. I don’t know, I just find I work way more efficiently and effectively when my working space just.. smells nice. Less anxiety, more focus.


I don’t sleep as much as I need to. The oldest story there is on the face of this earth. Hence, this part. But somehow, nowadays I just find that coffee doesn’t just revive me, it makes me happy. However, as much as I try not to be picky about choices, just make sure whatever it is, it ain’t one of those frappuccino nonsense.


I might sound a bit bitter, but people are just not that thankful anymore. People taking things for granted just bug the hell out of me. I’m not saying I’m a good example or whatever, but I always try to thank people for everything they do. At work, in Uber rides, to people holding the door, everything. In all seriousness though, doesn’t it give you that tiny warm tingle when someone thanks you for something?

Morning jog/walks

Again, a habitual thing. And if anything, Singapore made it a big one. Before I moved to Singapore, it used to be just a stroll around the block. Enter Singapore, a quick lap around the Eco-park at Botanic Gardens. Then, a whole lap around the Gardens itself. It ended up being treks between Bukit Timah and Holland V or College Green to Dhoby Ghaut. Shame I can’t enjoy it as much now, due to my heart condition and the fact that Jakarta is just not that safe for pedestrians. But hey, treadmill with the iPod running, and I’m still good 🙂

Attending gigs

I don’t go to a lot of gigs, I’m nearly too selective to call myself a “gig-goer”. Blame this on my height. But whatever I choose to go to, I always make sure I get the best of it. Prime spot, bestest partners to enjoy the moment with, and all that. ..Well, maybe that one mistake I made was seeing Robin Thicke live, from all the way in the tribune spot. On my own. I don’t even know why I thought that was a good idea.

Apple pies

Bear with me here. I know I’m being too specific here, but I swear there’s no such thing as a bad apple pie for me. Any, and I mean any, apple pie will surely bring a smile to my face. So if any of you reading this is planning to bribe me or something, you know what to get me.

TV series marathons

When I find some TV series that I like, rest assured that I will spend all day and all night watching it. Quite a shame that there are less and less interesting TV series these days, but I suppose that gives me a legit reason to function like a normal human being in the meantime. And in case you were wondering what is the last series I really enjoyed, try A Very Secret Service / Au Service de la France. I’m absolutely dead without the subtitles, but I’m anxiously waiting for Season 2 now!

Solitary time

Ahhh, yes. After all the humdrum of working life and (sometimes) a busy weekend, I just need to shut myself out of everything to re-set my whole self and completely feel refreshed. And happy, of course. Never a problem where or when, any time the need hits, I just go right there and then. Well, it’s either that or I turn into a tantrum-y antisocial bitch, so just go along with me on this one.


Oh look, we might be off to a good start, this 🙂

6 – the challenge to get me going



And so here goes, yet another attempt to revive this blog.

I mean, seriously. I need to start putting down more words and just to get myself more active with this blog. And since Ms. Ayu posted this challenge on Twitter, I thought, hey why not? What could go wrong, right?

..I guess it’s time to find out.